The Problem: 

Badaboom scheduling solution is the latest addition to our software products. This specific product was created to solve a real personal problem of mine - Scheduling. In 2018, I recognized that scheduling and coordinating appointment was taking a great chunk of my time.  I have recognized the inefficiency  of currents means scheduling. Phone call after phone calls with interesting personalites to schedule and confirm appointment. My tipping point was a double booked appointment with barber.  

The culture of barbershop for a long time been about "hanging out with the boys". For a lot men, it is a place of scape for the shenanigans of daily life. To put it in other words, punctuality is not a thing in this world.  However I argue, that serving your customers in timely fashion constantly would win you more customers. Providing your customers with the tools that enable him or her  to easily schedule and adjust appointment will definitely win you loyal customers  

The Solution:

I have decided to build an intuitive scheduling solution that does the following

  • Communicate availabilities and unavailabilities effectively 
  • Provide Self-booking 
  • At all times communicate changes to appointment 
  • Doesn’t require the installation of an app
  • Uses sms text automation for all scheduling operation

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The Tech Stack:

  • The Core:  scheduling done in PHP Codeignitor. CodeIgnitor is decent framework that loosely adheres to the MVC software architecture. I thought this would be a suitable framework for this application
  • Reminder Flow:  Basically for this flow, I have ____ component, 
  • SMS Blaster: using twilio api and node js check all booked appointment and send reminders
  • Twilio functions: functions for adjusting appointment thorough Core REST API endpoints 
  • A Cron Job: a cron jobs that runs a hourly with sms blaster

Adoption and Reception:

My barber and his clients are happy. Everyone that have used the scheduling application are thrilled the ease of use and intuitive scheduling flow. My barber has booked appointments valued at $60000 through badaboom thus. Now we are planning to open an official beta program for early tester. Please checkout our webpage to learn more 

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